BTAC 2017! Next Stop - Lawrence, Kansas. TransKansas Conference 5

Black Trans Advocacy - Kansas Chapter  BTAC2017  "Lotus Legacy"!  Join Black Transmen Inc & Black Transwomen Inc at Trans Kansas 5 in Lawrence, Kansas August 28-29 2017.  Get Onboard, Spread The Word, Lets Connect!

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Lawrence College and Career Center
2910 Haskell Ave. Lawrence, KS





Being Trans & Physically Challenged - Luc Bensimon, 1:00PM


Chocolate Butterfly - Nyla Foster, 1:00PM


Trans People of Color - Luc Bensimon, 2:30PM


Black Trans International Pageantry System Crowning of Miss Black Trans Kansas - Nyla "Angel Iman" Foster.

Missie B's
805 W 39th St,
Kansas City, MO 64111





6th Annual K-STEP Awards Program, 12:00


Black Trans Advocacy Kansas Informational, TreShaun Pate & Luc Bensimon,1:00 pm


Black Trans Lives Matter - BTA Kansas Community Summit, Mr & Miss Black Trans International Trenton Johnson & Tiffany Starr, 2:30 pm


Black Transmen Inc Carter Brown - Akanni “Love In The Mirror” 4:00 pm 

 carter brown  treshaun pate
  Carter Brown  TreShaun Pate
 luc bensimon  nyla foster
 Luc  Bensimon  Nyla Foster
trenton johnson tiffany starr
 Trenton Johnson  Tiffany Starr