The Merci Mack Fund

The Merci Mack Fund

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Fundraiser in honor of our departed sister Merci Mack.
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$3,156.43 donated of $400,000.00 goal
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This fundraising campaign is in remembrance of Merci Mack, a 22 year old trans woman who was shot and murdered on Tuesday June 30th, 2020. Although this woman was someone I was familiar with in my local community, she was not the first (or, unfortunately, the last) black trans woman to be murdered in cold blood in Tx. Trans Women are currently under attack in the United States, and the average life expectancy of Black Trans Women is 35; in fact since Merci Mack’s murder, I have seen the faces of other young transwomen, Shaki Peters (aged 32), and Bree Black (aged 27). 

This is an epidemic; no, it’s a genocide. No one deserves to be murdered simply because of their gender identity, no one deserves to be murdered period. The way that society has consistently villainized and terrorized trans women must stop. They deserve humanity, love, and justice. 

The funds raised in honor of Merci will go towards the various crucially important efforts of the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. The BTAC is a black owned organization located in Dallas Tx; they’ve done copious amounts of vital and impactful work surrounding the trans community in the local area (and around the globe) by providing housing, health care, food,education and many other services geared toward peace building, and the empowerment of the trans community.

 Doing this fundraiser in honor of Merci is a great way to remember her memory, while simultaneously raising awareness of the wonderful work the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition has been a part of!



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  1. Kelsey Maguire

    Rest In Peace Merci Mack.

  2. Savanna Nelson

    17 Pratt yard sale! 💓

  3. Claire & Kat Stingley/Phelan

    Black trans lives matter!!

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  5. Amelia Edmonds

    Black trans women matter! Black trans people matter!

  6. Joseph Davis

    I met Tony a friend of Merci’s and heard of this tragedy. I recently lost my mom with lung cancer and was able to spend six months preparing for her death. This was some of the best time I ever spent with her and no amount of money can even come close to the pain that is felt losing someone by surprise. This beautiful person deserves to be honored and I would love to assist with any video production project I could make to help tell Merci’s story! Please reach out,

  7. Damola Durosomo

    RIP Merci Mack. Black Trans Lives Matter.

  8. Jennifer-June Strawn


  9. Jennifer-June Strawn


  10. Morgan Valencia

    I wish I could give more. I’m so grateful your organization exists and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

  11. Fatomata Tambadou

    Black Trans Lives will always matter!!!

  12. Daphne Lenz

    Black Trans Lives Matter

  13. Diana Zafra

    This is horrific and tragic. I feel for Merci and her family. May she rest in power.

  14. Wes Stiles

    Rest in power Merci <3

  15. Tameria Johnson

    Trans lives matter

  16. Gordie Woodfin

    Grateful to know this money is going to support Black Trans people in the community this horrendous crime occurred in 💚

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