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BTAC 2017! Host Hotel: Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum $119night

BTAC is proud to partner with Marriott Quorum for the 6th National Black Trans Advocacy Conference!


Black Trans Advocacy Community Leaders Welcome YOU!

An official BTAC Welcome to you from Black Transmen Inc & Black Transwomen Inc.  

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Join a global network of citizens taking a stand to advance black trans equality.  Become A Member!


Black Trans International Pageantry System Court

Congratulations to the 2016 BTIPS Court! Mr & Miss Black Trans International & Mr & Miss Black Royale Newcomer.  

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National Black Trans Advocacy Conference

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2017 National Black Trans Advocacy Awards Nominations: Full List of Nominees

Lawrence T Richardson - Humanitarian Award Kortney Ryan Ziegler – Awareness Award Monica Roberts – Advocacy Award Louis Mitchell – Empowerment Award Kylar Broadus – Equality Award
LT Richardson Humanitarian Award Kortney R Ziegler Awareness Award Monica Roberts Advocacy Award Louis Mitchell Empowerment Award 

Kylar Broadus EqualityAward


Black Trans Advocacy Awards 2017 is here! Congratulations to All Black Transgender Equality Activist Nominees.  We Salute You! #blacktransawards


black trans advocacy awards nominee 2017



Jonathan Thunderword

Miss Major Griffin Gracy



AJ Scruggs

Alex U. Inn

Angela Green

Andrea Jenkins

Ashlei Edwards

Bishop S. F. Makalani-MaHee

Carolyn Parker

Christina Taylor

Dane Ray

Damoni Dickerson

Daroneshia Duncan

Devin Lowe

Dezjorn Gauthier

Hope Giselle

Indya Moore

Jada Bell

Jade Lenore

Jevon Martin

Kaleb Elijah

Karen Holmes

Kat Blaque

Kayla Gore

Ken Jiretsu

Khalil Davis

Kim Watson

LaLa Zannell

Ledonvito Lopez-Denny

Lucas C Rose

Marie Kelly

Merrick Moses

Min Grace-Neal

Natasha H Harris

Neish McLean

Neo L Sandja

Nick Coleman

Oriade' Tanik  Harbor

Phoebe VanCleefe

Rahkel Henry

Rebecca Jackson

Renea Taylor

Rosalind White

Roxanne Collins

Samantha James

Shaan Michael Wade

Shauna Brooke

Sorocco Moreland

Taliyah Smith

Tammy Peay

Tchinda Andrade

Tona Brown

Tori Cooper

Tracie Jada O'Brien

Trenton Johnson

TreShaun Pate

Tyree Williams

Vann Millhouse

Victoria Dougharty

Aids Walk South Dallas

Equality Georgia

Equality Texas

Equality Virginia

Fresh Wind Restoration Center

New York Black Pride

Trans Sisters of Color Project

Transcendent International

Transgender Legal Defense &

Education Fund


Nominee Acceptance

Congratulations again on your nomination! We are honored to celebrate you. Please accept your award nomination here as we honor your contribution to advancing black trans equality. Deadline to accept/decline is April 1, 2017.  
Final award selections will be announced at the 6th Annual Black Trans Advocacy Awards Gala, held in Dallas, Texas Friday, April 28, 2017 in the Vista Ballroom at the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria Hotel.  If you are selected to win an award but are unable to attend the event you may designate someone to accept the award on your behalf. 

Awards Gala Tickets

Awards Gala general admission is included in each paid BTAC Premium Registration 
A la Carte Pricing: $55per person.  Get Tickets Online!

BTAC Premium Registration
Ala Carte Tickets Available Online Here

Click Here for more event information about the 6th Anniversary Black Trans Advocacy Awards Gala.

Awards Gala Donations

Please consider donating an awards gala ticket so that Black Trans Award Nominees & BTAC Scholarship Attendee may attend the event.  Their are many individuals in need of your help. A full donation of $55 or any any amount will help out significantly.  This is Very Important Opportunity for you to help our with a full donation of $55 or any amount will help out significantly. Please "Donate Tickets" Online Here!

Thank You For Sponsoring The 6th Anniversary Black Trans Advocacy Awards!
Show your support of Black Trans Excellence!  Please click here to become a sponsor of the gala event.
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