BTAC 2016 Host Hotel

BTAC 2017! Host Hotel: Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum $119night

BTAC is proud to partner with Marriott Quorum for the 6th National Black Trans Advocacy Conference!


Black Trans Advocacy Community Leaders Welcome YOU!

An official BTAC Welcome to you from Black Transmen Inc & Black Transwomen Inc.  

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Black Trans Advocacy MVP Membership

Join a global network of citizens taking a stand to advance black trans equality.  Become A Member!


Black Trans International Pageantry System Court

Congratulations to the 2016 BTIPS Court! Mr & Miss Black Trans International & Mr & Miss Black Royale Newcomer.  

BTAC 2017 - Save The Date

National Black Trans Advocacy Conference

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Vendor Connection

BTAC! Vendor Connection Featuring Onsite Resources and Services From Trusted Vendors & Exhibitors Working To Advance Black Trans Equality.  

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The National Black Trans Advocacy Conference vendor connection provides a wealth of local program information, linkage to resources and has a variety of services located on site.

Exhibit Hours & General Program Resources:

  • 9AM-5PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 

BTA would like to thank the vendors who support the advancement of black trans equality by sharing information about their products and services that directly benefit our community.

Being a vendor at a conference that has a network attached to it means that you're a key player in a handmade community that keeps going. It's not just a day of your time, it's being a part of something that is much larger than yourself before and after the conference.

We Give Back & Support those who support BTA by engaging in services and purchasing products and goods throughout the year from the following BTAC Annual participating vendors.


BTAC Onsite Services & Vendors

List Availalable Soon!

 If you are a company looking for additional information on how to be part of the BTAC 2017! Vendor List please click here for vedor information and rates