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BTAC 2018: National Black Trans Advocacy Conference - Volunteer Leadership Informational Meeting

BTWI LAPEL PIN 2017Black Trans Advocacy invites the BTAC Family and all interested transgender people and allies to help lead the BTAC 2018 Program. BTAC is now recruiting leadership to fill Committee Member, Co-Chair and Chair Positions.

Date: Thursday June 29, 2017 
Location: Webinar
Host: TreShaun Pate, BTAC Chair & Jade Lenore, BTAC Co-Chair 

BTAC2018 Volunteers: Your Help is needed to lead in any one of the following committees

  • BTAC Empowerment (Transmen/Transwomen/GNC/SOFFA)
  • BTAC Attendee Scholarship
  • BTAC Registration
  • BTAC Vendor Connection
  • BTAC Events & Logistics (TransManifest Live!/Pageant/Awards Gala/Family Day/Black Diamond Ball)
  • BTAC Hospitality & Guest Services
  • BTAC Communications & Marketing
  • BTAC Fundraising

All help is needed.  Space is available for those who are visible and those who are stealth or low/no disclosure. 



  1. Committee Member:  Responsible for providing assistance in completing tasks as needed. 5-10hrs Per program, project or event assignment Duration: Per Assignment
  2. Committee CoChair: Responsible for organizing meetings & delegating tasks for the committee, and assisting committee chair. 20hrs Per Month Co-Management & Administrative Duties Duration: 12-Month Program 
  3. Committee Chair: Responsible for overall management, keeping up with committee status of tasks, and helping to ensure overall milestones and measurements are met. 40hrs Per Month Management & Administrative Duties Duration: 12-Month Program.



Register Online Here to Join the Spring 2017, BTAC Leadership Informational Meeting.  You will receive the conference call details to join the call on the meeting date. 




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