Free COVID-19 Care Packages for the Transgender Community

BTAC provides the transgender community FREE COVID-19 Care Packages to help ensure that you have free access to lifesaving personal protective equipment (PPE) and preventive care.

Your health and safety truly matters to us. The safest place is at home but while state government is opening, we ask (beg)that you stay safe by practicing social distancing, washing hands and using face coverings. Thanks to individual donations and community partners, (4) kits are available in the care package for both our unsheltered and stay at home community. 

Care Package Kits

  • PPE Kit: mask, hand soap, alcohol pads
  • Safe Sex Supply Kit: condoms,lube, dental dams and instructions on how to use a condom
  • Personal Hygiene Kit: toothpaste,deodorant,bath soap
  • Food Pantry Kit: non-perishable food items

We will be distributing care packages across the United States  on a first come, first served basis and for as long as donated supplies are received.


Need help with finding a mental health, substance abuse or hiv counseling & testing service provider during the coronavirus pandemic?

Reach out to our Trans Health Coordinator Renae Taylor  (they/them/their)

Office Hours: 10am-2pm cst Tuesday-Thursday.

Toll Free: 1 (855) 624-7715 ext 31


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THANK You Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Sponsors