Are You A Black Trans Advocacy MVP Member?

Join a global community of Citizens Working Together to Advance Black Trans Equality & Social Change

The Black Trans Advocacy social justice movement is powered by membership contributions. The Black Trans Advocacy (MVP) Member Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for individuals just like you to become an active participant in a global social change initiative with contributions of time, money and skill set. Black Trans Advocacy membership provides a steady and predictable source of income and resources that will provide weeks, months and years of protection to trans people in desperate need. Join the Movement and Become a Black Trans Advocacy MVP!

Black Trans Advocacy Member Volunteer Program

(MVP) membership can support Black Trans Advocacy through: Individual Membership

  • Volunteer Guild Membership,
  • $25 Peace Membership Pledge, 
  • $50 Love Membership Pledge,
  • $150 Hope Membership Pledge.

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Membership Opportunities

Time & Enthusiasm

MVP State Volunteer Guild. Volunteers fuel the Black Trans Advocacy movement locally, nationally and internationally. BTA programs are provided FREE for the community based on individual volunteers who contribute time, professional skill set and passion towards black trans equality. Join the Volunteer Guild and commit 10hours or more to social change. Members will receive laminated BTA Member Card.

Peace Membership

Your BTA Peace Membership pledge will be put immediately to work in growing and supporting BTA trans visibility and outreach efforts in local communities. We are taking a stand for black trans equality! Make a peace membership pledge of $25 each year to the Black Trans Advocacy local state chapter program in your state to help advance our efforts. New Members will receive BTA ID Card. 

Love Membership

By making an Inspire Membership pledge each year, your contribution goes even further. With your help we are able to address inequalities in the black trans community by providing professional advocacy programs and services provided in local communities. Make an love membership pledge of $50 each year to secure the Black Trans Advocacy program . New Members will receive BTA ID Card. 

Hope Membership

Our Hope Members are essential in maintaining the day the day business operations of the National Black Trans Advocacy program.  Your annual hope membership pledge of $150 will help secure designated office space and cover the basic overhead expenses in maintaining the Free program. Members will receive a BTA Member ID Card plus invitation to members meeting. 

Give a Gift Membership

A gift of Black Trans Advocacy membership is one that gives back to the community and directly impacts the lives of trans people in your local area.  Make the difference! You may make a local or national tax deductible gift membership in either amount.


Member Access & Incentives 

Black Trans Advocacy Center – Access to FREE national programs and services in the areas of health, income, education/training, religion, business, legal, family and art/culture.  

Local Chapters –  Connect locally for community education, direct services, mentoring, kinship and networking. Advocacy is extended in your direct community through national state chapters and local volunteer guild associations.

My.BlackTrans.Org - Access to our online member center dashboard, which allows you to manage your membership profile, access real-time information in the online membership directory, and register for special events. In addition, you are able to track your membership history, donations and pledges including an annual statement to assist in tax preparation. 

Jobs.BlackTrans.Org - Online job matching service allows members to post resumes and search for jobs listed by participating organizations and companies.

BTA E-News Updates - Receive email updates to keep you current on news about the black trans advocacy community and receive special reports that provide insight into policy and other topics of interest. 

BTA Conference & Events- Discount registrations for local functions, events and conferences, including the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference held annually in April. 

BTA Foundation: Access to program scholarship and grant funding to support personal development and grassroots social justice projects that help further the BTA mission.   

Discounted Rates with American Airlines - Offers members the discounts of 5% off published fares at Authorization code A6644AZ. 

Kroger Community Rewards - Sign-up for Kroger Rewards. Every time you shop for groceries and swipes your card, Black Transmen Inc automatically starts earning a rebate. Link your card at Add BTMI NPO number 94923 or 52382.

eBay Giving Works - Shop on eBay to support Black Transmen, Inc! You can support Black Transmen, Inc when you buy or sell on eBay, with the eBay Giving Works program. We want your unwanted items. Your previously loved stuff can be part of our next fundraiser.