National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

Black Trans Advocacy Coalition Mission

Improve the black trans human experience by overcoming violence and injustice in the world
through the power, value and love of all people

Health Equality

Advocating for black trans Health Equality, fighting for our human right to high quality, safe, and stigma-free health care.

Housing Equality

Advocating for black trans Housing Equality, fighting for our human right to affordable, accessible and habitable housing.

Employment Equality

Advocating for black trans Employment Equality, fighting for our human right to earn a living wage that affords basic living expenses.

Transgender Support Center

We are here and happy to assist transgender people get the resources they need free of discrimination
Reach Out – We are available to you by Live Chat Support, Phone at 855-624-7715, &/or by appointment virtually or at our office
We’re Open 3 Days A Week Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 6pm cst

Need Help? We’ve Got Your Back!

We help Black Trans People Get Basic Needs

Find support with BTAC Human Services providing assistance with emergency food, applying for public benefits, and legal identity documents

We help Black Trans People Get Healthcare

Find support with BTAC Health Services helping individuals fight health care inequality, find trans inclusive health resources and financial assistance for health care cost

We help Black Trans People Get Jobs

Find support with BTAC Employment Services helping individuals fight employment inequality, 21st century career readiness skills preparation, and find trans inclusive employment opportunities.

We help Black Trans People Get Housing

Find support with BTAC Housing Services helping individuals fight housing inequality, find safe and secure emergency shelter, permanent housing, and assist first time home buyers achieve the American dream.

Find Local Community Resources

We envision an inclusive world, free of discrimination, where a list of resources is simply not needed.  We Need The Equality Act!  In the mean time, We’re working daily to locate, provide and connect the community with trans inclusive resources covering health, housing, employment and more to support your needs, Just click the map below.

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Black Trans Advocacy Coalition invites all Trans Inclusive Service Providers to be included in our resource list.  Please add your info below.


Everyone deserves LOVE and to live a life with equal access and protection under the law thereby enabling them to contribute towards a productive society.

No one should live in fear of discrimination and violence

While we don’t know the true number of murders of transgender people, as often the crimes go unreported or the victims are misgendered by the police or in the media, the rates of murder and hate crimes are greatly disturbing.

To date, in 2023, at least 30 transgender people have been killed as targets of anti-transgender violence.


Know The Facts

According to research from the US Trans Survey – Report on the Experiences of Black Respondents:
Black transgender people report experiencing the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people based on
the combination of anti-transgender bias with structural and individual racism.
Help End Discrimination faced by Black Trans People

JOBS 20% of Black Trans People Experienced Unemployment

INCOME 38% of Black Trans People Experienced Poverty

HOUSING 42% of Black Trans People Experienced Homelessness

ASSAULT 53% of Black Trans People Experienced Sexual Assault

POLICE 67% of Black Trans People Experienced Police Brutality

HEALTH 34% of Black Trans People Experienced Poor Health Care

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