COVID-19 Community Response Grant

black trans coronavirus grant

Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Grant Program provides rapid response funds to individuals at their point of need during a government declared crisis.  Financial assistance is provided for emergency food, shelter, utilities, transportation and health care to ensure the basic needs of our most vulnerable populations are met.

We are now accepting applications online for the Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Grant Program.  Trans individuals impacted by the corona virus in the United States are eligible to apply to receive a one time Mirco Grant of up to $125 from one of the following Relief Funds:

  • Trans Masculine, Trans Feminine or Trans GNC/Non-binary
  • Golden Flame Senior 55+
  • People living with HIV
  • Ball/House and Pageant
  • Health Care Workers on The Front-Line


Applications for the micro grant will be accepted thru May 1.  All applications must be received online.  Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee an award of a Black Trans Community Response Fund Grant.  The number of grants made through this program is also based on the amount of donations received from private donors, corporate sponsors and grant funders that support this emergency response effort.

BTAC together with our community partners are coming together to do as much as we can to meet the needs of Black Transgender people.

We’re working on the first round of applications now.  Applications received by April 12 are included in our first round of review.  Approved applicants will be notified and BTAC will begin funding approved application April 17.

We’re asking for the highest of moral grounds.  If you are not transgender, please do not apply for this grant.  As a Black Trans community we have very little resources and during this crisis time we need non-trans folks to support us by simply not applying for this grant.  Search your soul on this one and move accordingly!


It Takes A Village!

If you would like to donate to the community response grant fund please donate online here:

Grant Application

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