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The Time Is Now for Black Transgender Equality. Take A Stand With Us for Human Rights, Racial Justice and Global Social Change.

Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC) is on a  mission to “improve the black trans human experience by overcoming violence and injustice in the world through the power, value and love of all people.”

Our priority is the liberation of black transgender people,  advocating to end poverty, discrimination in all forms and its human inequities faced in health, employment, housing and education that are rooted in systemic racism, to improve the lived experience of transgender people.

Our work is based in peace building, community education, public policy initiatives, empowerment programs and direct services.  Invest in #BlackTransLivesMatter. Donate today to support our work in one or more of the following ways.



Donations by Mail: Donations are accepted by mail made payable to Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, POB 118282  Carrollton, TX  75011. Please enter your information below and select “mail check” to process your donation receipt.


Point of Contact:  Please reach out to Esperanza Brown, our BTAC point of contact for questions regarding black trans investment opportunities including sponsorship, workplace giving, hotel reward points and legacy/bequest gifts at


THANK YOU: We are thrilled that you are partnering with us, making donations towards advancing black trans equality!  Understand that the most valuable donation of all is your contribution to social change, showing the best version of yourself, doing what you know in your heart and spirit is the right thing to do.  We call on your love of humanity to create the change our world deserves.  Know that you are loved and needed in this world, Each and every one of you.  Thank you for giving us your heart. We are truly thankful for you.


The National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under the law. EIN: 84 1947483


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