COVID-19 Community Response Fund

COVID-19 Community Response Fund

$61,583.18 donated of $30,000.00 goal
Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Fund provides the transgender community rapid response funds for emergency food, shelter, utilities, transportation and health care, also free care packages that include life saving PPE, personal hygiene and safe sex supplies and referral to resources for out most vulnerable populations at their point of need during the coronavirus pandemic. Help us to extend the Olive Branch to more people. Donate Below
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$61,583.18 donated of $30,000.00 goal
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  1. paisley mares

    All black lives matter.

  2. Sage Singers

    Sage Singers is a 50 member group of LGBTQ+ Elders in Denver, Colorado. Like so many, we have stopped singing together, but have continued to care! We recently had a fundraiser with the BTAC as our only recipient. We are very proud to donate $1,000 to your worthy cause. Thank you!!!

  3. Emilie Morin-Fournier

    You are so loved!

  4. Greg Kalvin

    Thank you!!

  5. Gregory Kalvin

    Thank you!

  6. Andrew Pires

    Matched proceed fraction from Zoe Koke ( photography sale “Fog at the Grand Canyon” and “Persephone”.

  7. jamie melchert

    black trans women’s lives matter!

  8. Teri Jacobson

    Helping in honor of Aliyah’s birthday!

  9. Tracie Hiemstra

    No one should suffer because of their skin color or their sexual orientation. Period.

  10. Jarron Carlson


  11. Jeremy Saunders

    I want to do anything possible to support groups that I have not supported as much as possible before. It’s time to take action!!! 😍

  12. Katie Beacom

    Black lives matter! Black trans lives matter!

  13. Stephanie Freidman

    Thank you all for everything you’ve done for the LGBTQ+ community. It wouldn’t be the same without you. All black lives matter.

  14. Celia Corrente

    black trans lives matter

  15. Michelle Sims

    Black trans people represent the most marginalized in our society. Uplifting and supporting black trans lives in every way possible is pathway to creating a better and more just world. Black Trans Lives not only matter, they are essential.

  16. Vanessa Pikler

    Thank you for starting the LGBTQ+ movement. Your lives matter unequivocally!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Emma Gamble

    Thank you for your work! Black Lives Matter

  18. Alysha Woessner

    All Black lives matter!

  19. Lauren Smolic

    Love you!!

  20. Patrick Sykes


  21. Aaron Nuut

    Our family donates to charities instead of giving gifts to eachother. This year, my brother specifically requested donations that would benefit the LGBTQ+ and or Black communities.

  22. Aaron X

    My family gives to charity instead of giving gifts to eachother. For his birthday, my brother requested charities which benefit Black and/or LGBT+ organizations.

  23. Micaela Pacheco

    I hear you, I see you, I support you black trans women.

  24. meara mctague

    black lives are precious, sacred and beautiful. i love you!! 💛

  25. Nicolas Delgado

    It is my birthday and today I am encouraging all of my friends to donate to this relief fund.

  26. Taylor Huey

    As a cis Black woman, I recognize the need for me to use my privilege for good. I want Trans Black people to know that we are here, we see you, and we love you. Black Trans lives not only matter, but deserve to be protected and cherished.

  27. Jocelyn Thomas

    Donating on behalf of Justice Joy Compassions: Digital Fundraiser for Black Lives donors.

  28. Ben Kline

    Black Trans Lives Matter! Thank you for existing and happy Pride!

  29. Cheyenne English

    My donation is in support of a community that I whole hardheartedly stand behind. I may never know this life experience but I know so many who genuinely need the support and resources of such organizations. I stand with you and for you.

  30. Molly Hayden

    Donating to celebrate the 20th birthday of my dear friend, Rory Carolyn Gill-Smith

  31. Freya H

    What yall do is amazing & im trying to help or be an ally with what i got. this fight isnt over till ALL of us are treated equally. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Thank you for all your hard work!

  32. Heather Riesenberg

    Thank you for your work

  33. Monica Metzler

    We raised these funds from the sales of a collab effort called Quaranzine- a zine of poetry, art, and photos from various contributors during the time of Covid. We wanted to donate directly to orgs that are providing support and services to those most affected by the pandemic. Thank you for the work that you do!

  34. Peter Innes

    donating on behalf of the New Masculinities discussion group in Portland, OR <3

  35. Courtney Bua

    Happy Birthday Nico!!!

  36. Athena Zeiter-Hale

    I’m a trans woman who feels the sting of discrimination every day due to my identity but I also have white privilege. I cannot imagine the intersection of trans identity and racism. We have to do a better job supporting each other. Black trans lives matter and are at perhaps the greatest danger in our society. I wish I could give more but I hope this helps.

  37. Hilary Grubb

    Black Trans Lives Matter!

  38. Brigitta Anna Dimailig

    Black Trans Lives Matter! <3

  39. Mara Smith

    Black trans lives matter. They should be cherished. They are the heart of the movement.

  40. Megan Sass

    Thank you for your work!

  41. Dorothy Alfonso

    I’ve always stood behind the LGBTQ+ movement but as a cis gendered female, becoming best friends with a FTM trans person helped me learn so much more about the trans experience and how I can do more to lift up trans voices and strive for equity in this community. Thank you for providing this means to donate!!!

  42. Laura Huff

    I stand with you now, and always. Black trans lives matter.

  43. Maeve Masterson

    Thank you!

  44. Zachary Kotel

    This donation is the result of an art fundraiser that sold prints to raise money for BTAC in light of the ongoing movement for racial justice and to value Black lives. Additionally, this donation is intended to honor the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots lead by Trans POC activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. During this auspicious and revolutionary time it is paramount that we advocate for the most vulnerable among us and stand with our BIPOC and LBGTQIA+ brothers and sisters. If you are interested, I would love to mail one of the remaining prints signed by the artist that was sold as part of the fundraiser to your headquarters.

  45. Dustin Pitstick


  46. Danielle Matheson

    Thank you for all you do <3

  47. Tyler Yeates

    Last day of pride month. Wanted to celebrate.

  48. Noah Partington

    I wish good health to all people in the black trans community I love you all ❤️

  49. Rashmi Patwardhan


  50. Kayla Effner

    Happy pride! We love you

  51. Shereen Abubakr

    Hi! I’m Donating as one of many ways to help support and uplift the Black transgender community! Hope
    this helps with the COVID-19 care packages 🙂

  52. Jeniffer Ibarra

    Thank you for all you do!

  53. Marrit Meinema

    You are loved black trans people 🧡

  54. Casey Coller

    With love & support

  55. Shilo Brungardt

    You are not alone.

  56. Alisa Damaso

    This donation is on behalf of my small business, VLY GRL, from the profits of the sales of our Rainbow sticker. Thank you for all your hard work!

  57. Tim Frey

    Black TRANS Lives MATTER!

  58. Lou Leyes

    I want to support as many helpful organizations as i can. All Black Lives Matter

  59. Cate Chan

    you are valid!! Black trans lives matter

  60. Ashley Lao

    I wholeheartedly support you all! Black Lives Matter. Keep being yourself so bravely and brilliantly.

  61. Brandon Contreras

    I love the black trans community and I stand in solidarity with them. Black trans folk are the worlds trend setters and have always put their lives on the line when it comes to human injustice, it’s time that we take care and help improve the black trans experience because they deserve a normal life just like everyone else.

  62. Katherine Martinez

    Thank you for the important work. We appreciate all the efforts to support and be inclusive.

  63. Todd Harris

    Black Trans Lives Matter !

  64. Grace Buckle

    black trans lives matter! they always have and always will <3

  65. Sophie Cangelosi

    A good friend of mine told me about your great work and I’m thrilled to now know. I look forward to supporting you into the future. Stay safe & well. Sending so much love.

  66. Christina Smith

    Thank you, BTAC!

  67. Kimber Wallace

    I believe in your mission and like the transparency of your website! Please keep up the awesome work.

  68. Jason Oliver

    Black trans lives matter ❤🖤🤎

  69. Samantha Moreno

    Thank you for helping out others in a time of need!

  70. Alexandria Mousourakis

    As a nurse, as an ally, as a friend I think everyone is worthy of feeling safe and comfortable in their own skin. Enough is enough. You all are beautiful and fierce and it’s time to SLAY white supremacy

  71. Margaret Mertzlufft

    Trans Black Lives Matter!

  72. Emily Salmon St. Pierre

    Black trans & nonbinary lives matter!!

  73. Samantha Silverbrand

    I support you, Black Trans community!!! Please stay safe and healthy during this pandemic and we will keep fighting for your rights as human beings. You have allies out there!! <3

  74. Megan Beachley


  75. Lauren Campbell

    That our current administration thinks it’s ok to deny a population of its citizens basic civil liberties makes me sick to my stomach

  76. Alexander Chee

    In honor of Merci Mack.

  77. Angie Alamah

    I would like to donate on behalf of DARN (DFW Admissions Regional Network).

  78. Annika Paulson


  79. Liv Chai

    I am with you and will continue to support until justice and equality is delivered.

  80. Julie Smallsreed

    protect and love black trans people

  81. Ariane Bourque

    Tracy Mallett class

  82. Lauren Nguyen

    Giving in solidarity with black trans siblings, especially in Texas. Take care and be safe.

  83. Emily Good

    You are loved! Stay safe!

  84. Daniel Dipsia

    Black trans lives matter!!!

  85. Amelia Williams

    For Claire Kaplan’s birthday fundraiser

  86. Judd Karlman

    Because Black trans lives matter

  87. Sage Cara

    Black Trans lives matter!

  88. Paul Rajpal

    Stay Alive, You Are Needed and Loved

  89. Sydney Stewart

    I am a black trans man who has the privilege of being in a very comfortable safe consistent place in my life right now. And I’m privileged in the sense that my situation is not the same for a lot of my fellow black trans brothers and sisters. I’m here to give what I can and stand by my people.

  90. Mackenzie Adams

    Sorry I can’t donate more. I hope it helps

  91. Vincent Smith

    Black Trans Lives are important

  92. Isabelle Kirkwood

    Trans black lives matter.

  93. Elyssa Martinez

    Your life matters. Love and support from Texas

  94. Karen Caplan

    My niece, Michelle Pressma, is turning 50 this month and asked that instead of birthday gifts, we donate to this organization, which she supports. I support this cause, too.

  95. Sylvie Beauvais

    Keep up the good work!

  96. Amber Engebretson


  97. Dan Jones

    To amplify and celebrate black trans voices in this country on this day of national independence and unfulfilled promise. Better days to come. Hbd, Hannah.

  98. Jodi Lewis

    All Black Lives Matter

  99. Steve Wiecking

    Thank you.

  100. Ashley Foreman

    I am donating because it is the very least that I can do. Black transgender people have helped me so much in better understanding how this world is more complex and intricate than our society likes to convey. Thank you for existing and you deserve to exist in your truth. I look forward to learning more and supporting more. Thank you!

  101. Michael Shilling

    I believe in justice, safety, and equal protection for all. Thank you for the work you do.

  102. Issac Lopez

    This donation is from my Etsy shop, Issac’s Masks! I make masks and donate $5 for each mask sold, switching weekly through different BLM organizations. Thank you for your fantastic work in helping black trans communities. Black Trans Lives Matter.

  103. Jessica Donovan

    My stepdaughter painted a portrait of Marsha P. Johnson and is asking for donations to your organization. For anyone who donates, she will make a print. We will find other ways to support your community. Your community matters.

  104. Adam Segal

    Money raised from Portland OR-based New Masculinities Group, we wanted to show solidarity with Black Trans lives! Thank you for the work that you do.

  105. Autumn Mohr

    Thank you BTAC fam for everything y’all do!

  106. Sari Davidson

    We love and support you.

  107. Jordan Guiton


  108. Alyssa Gale

    On behalf of the Starkid fundraising initiative

  109. Katie Gilchrist

    On behalf of the KC performing community.
    These funds were raised as tips during a live stream.

  110. Candace Kilstein

    University of the Arts Film Screening donation.

  111. Emily Venezia

    Black Trans Lives Matter.

  112. daisy armenta

    because black trans men, women, nonbinary folks and everyone in between deserves a life of dignity.

  113. Adrianna Ortega

    Friends and family made this donation in honor of my daughter Jonah and her black trans brothers and sisters.

  114. Diane and Dana Wenzel

    For Marsha P Johnson and all those that came before and all those now and after! Marsha started Stonewall which helped pave the path for my wife and I to be legally married. Celebrating our 16 year anniversary today!! Equally for all. BLM

  115. Toby Shimin

    In honor of Joy E. Reed’s birthday.

  116. Lauren Elizabeth

    I’m appalled that there is no mention in the media of the recent black trans lives, murdered … thank you for the work you do …

  117. Jennifer Depatie

    Black trans lives matter. Safe access to food, shelter, and healthcare should be available to everyone

  118. Andrea Donahoe

    Sending love.❤

  119. James Colvin

    My band released a new song and we are donating all of the money made from downloads the first weekend.

  120. Megan Twohig

    Sending love.

  121. Jess Bowers

    Standing with black trans people

  122. Bee Ayala

    Black Trans Lives Matter

  123. Bess Phillips

    Sending love and strength from Australia x

  124. Bubba Crumrine

    Donating on behalf of myself, Matthew Saccuccimorano, Gabe Millman, Smax Maxwell, Reka Wells, Jim Wells, Brian Wilson, Amy Zuidema, Melisa Crumrine, Priscilla Crumrine and Robert Crumrine and the funds raised from our collaboration digital EP “A Pod Apart” initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, written and performed during the protests for much needed change. Black Trans Lives Matter. No Justice – No Peace.

    Thank you for all the work you do for the Black Trans community. <3

  125. Bubba Crurmrine

    Donating on behalf of myself, Matthew Saccuccimorano, Gabe Millman, Smaxkult, Reka Wells, Jim Wells, Brian Wilson, Amy Zuidema, Melisa Crumrine, Priscilla Crumrine, & Robert Crumrine – the proceeds from our collaboration EP “A Pod Apart” initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic and written and performed during the protests for much needed change. Black Trans Lives Matter. No Justice – No Peace.

    Thank you for the work that you do to save Black Trans lives and the community!

  126. Colton I

    If donating can help even one person, it is completely worth it. Black Trans Lives Matter!!

  127. Danielle Kays

    My 6-year-old and I have been holding lemonade stands to raise money for different social justice causes/orgs and we we felt priviliged to help individuals who face more discrimination than any other marginalized group of people in this country. Thank you for all that you do!!!

  128. Jessie Thurston-Lovett

    With love, thank you xo

  129. Charlie Gibson

    <3 Black Lives Matter!

  130. Mal Ward

    Hello. This is a donation from my company Arts & Sciences in support of the effort our friend Danielle Kays put forth for her lemonade stand fundraiser. Thanks!

  131. Red Stella Salon

    We held a raffle to help raise funds for your organization. We support your work and hope this helps a little.

  132. Leslie Brennan

    I really want to help out the BLM movement and contribute to some sort of COVID relief. I also support Trans rights fully and want to aid in getting them their rights. However, I’m not exactly swimming in funds at the moment. Since BTAC seems to touch all of those, it seemed reasonable to me to donate to this cause. I hope that makes a little sense.

    Keep strong ❤

  133. Kendall Mann

    keep on loving

  134. Aaron Delwiche

    Because, according to one report, “a total of five Black transgender women have been found dead in four states in the past month, bringing the death toll to at least seven since the beginning of June, which is celebrated as LGBTQ Pride Month in the U.S.”

    This epidemic of violence against Black trans women *must* end.

  135. Emily Buckler

    Black Trans Lives Matter

  136. Bubba Crumrine

    Donating on behalf of myself, Matthew Saccuccimorano, Gabe Millman, Smaxkult, Reka Wells, Jim Wells, Brian Wilson, Amy Zuidema, Melisa Crumrine, Priscilla Crumrine, & Robert Crumrine – the proceeds from our collaboration EP “A Pod Apart” initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic and written and performed during the protests for much needed change. Black Trans Lives Matter. No Justice – No Peace.

    Thank you for the work that you do to save Black Trans lives and the community!

  137. Paige Romei

    Black Trans Lives Matter.

  138. Bubba Crumrine

    Donating on behalf of myself, Matthew Saccuccimorano, Gabe Millman, Smaxkult, Reka Wells, Jim Wells, Brian Wilson, Amy Zuidema, Melisa Crumrine, Priscilla Crumrine, & Robert Crumrine – the proceeds from our collaborative EP “A Pod Apart” initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic and written and performed during the protests for much needed change. Black Trans Lives Matter. No Justice – No Peace.

    Thank you for the work that you do to save Black Trans lives and the community!

  139. Hannah Croshaw

    Me and my friends are commissioning each other to make art and are donating the proceeds to different BLM organizations!

  140. Adrienne Kizer

    All Black Lives Matter.

  141. Ryan Kilday

    You’re doing wonderful and essential work please keep it up!

  142. Adam Sperber

    Life’s a bitch, there’s a need. #BTLM

  143. Ezra Parzybok

    It was just too hot today for our family to venture out to the local Black Trans support protests so I wanted to make a donation.

  144. Vera Hoang

    In honor of Courtney Baxter. Happy birthday, Courtney!

  145. Ira Confidence

    We see you, we support you, we are love you.

  146. Erika Linehan

    Black Trans Lives Matter ❤️

  147. Karah Hollis

    When we support black trans lives, our world becomes a better, safer place for everyone.

  148. Eva Howard

    Donated in Honor of my dear friend Aria

  149. Eva Howard

    Donated in Honor of my dear friend Aria

    Black Trans Lives Matter

  150. Ellie Willson

    You are loved.


    This is on behalf of the Indeed, GPS Growth team!

  152. Melina Gold

    Black trans lives are beautiful, cherished, and necessary

  153. Matthew Carter

    May we all believe in the worth and the liberation of all people!

  154. Liz Bamber

    Black trans lives matter x

  155. Hillary Davis

    We are a group of recent alumni from Frisco ISD, we are teens, we are young and we understand the value behind having people in your corner. You all stand in the corners of so many and it is greatly admired by us and we are so glad to support this cause.

  156. Deepa Radhakrishnan

    This donation is on behalf of my company, Deepa Lashes. We are donating 100% of profits of one of our products to your organization. Thank you for doing all that you do for the Black Trans community!

  157. Rebecca Schultz

    Thank you for what you are doing to help the most oppressed people.

  158. Avik Chatterjee

    Doing my part, all the way from India. For a better world.

  159. Darryl Heard

    Donating on behalf of @kymkuhlman birthday wish.

  160. Mia Darrow


  161. Corey Castillo

    Donated from Finally Supply Co. profits!

  162. Grace Lee

    This amount is thanks to a fundraiser run by a community theater group out of Juneau, Alaska called Juneau Ghost Light Theatre. We are so appreciative of the work that you do and wanted to do what we could.

  163. Jeanette Castillo

    I understand the pain of racism and would like to do something to support the BTG population

  164. Gabe Guerrero

    I raised money to help the BLM movement here locally, and in return I shaved my head bald! I raised $350 and decided to split the money with MAPBrutality!

  165. MC Daly

    black trans lives matter

  166. Brenda Wang

    thank you for your work, BTAC!

  167. Diane Vides

    I am donating to this cause as a birthday gift to Alexis Armijo

  168. Jordan Parvex

    I designed these shirts called “Gay Villain” that were used to donate all proceeds to your org. Love your work!

  169. Corey Castillo

    Donated by Sawyer Thompson through Finally Supply Co.

  170. tatianascott

    Black Trans Lives Matter. Period. Happy to be able to contribute in any way that is helpful to the community. As a black cis lesbian woman, I stand in solidarity not just as an ally, but in full support of the protection and safety of Trans lives.

  171. Beth Tanke

    Donating to an underserved part of our community.

  172. Gail Barnett

    My daughter’s life matters!

  173. Yasir Piracha

    Black Radicalism Book Club

  174. Katie Raynes

    Thank you for the hard work you’re doing for Black trans people. It makes a huge difference.

  175. Mara Beck

    Thank you for doing what you’re doing! Found you via @notyourmommashistory <3

  176. sara Ernst

    Thank you for the work that you do.

  177. Marie-Claire Bernards

    I love all people.

  178. Maddy Weinert

    On behalf of Shift Digital!

  179. Kelsi Whitaker

    You matter and I love you

  180. Cam Morrison

    To my trans siblings, stay strong, you are so important

  181. Lauren Valenzuela

    Just a small amount of money I made selling clothes, thought it would be great to donate to a really amazing organization!

  182. Jonathan Christopher

    I love and support my brothers and sisters and siblings.

  183. Cady Davis

    Just attended the March on Washington and want to help back home too. Please send info on how I can help in Dallas. Will try to donate more when I can. Thank you for what you are doing.

  184. Jacob Leis

    God bless y’all, will donate more in future.

  185. gfx pgh

    Half of our donations from our 10/2 Not Mass stream on Twtich w/ Succubass and ADAB

  186. gfx pgh

    Half of our donations from the 10/1 Not Mass livestream on Twitch w/ Succubass and ADAN

  187. Samuel Moore

    No LGBTQ+ brother or sister left behind

  188. Extitlygh Extitlygh

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  189. Venture Merz

    Black trans folks rock! Here’s a little love and support your way , keep on keeping on dear ones!

  190. DouglasJalKG DouglasJalKG

    “I’m pretty pleased to find this great site. I need to to thank you for your time for this particularly wonderful read!! I definitely really liked every part of it and I have you book marked to look at new information on your website.”

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