COVID-19 Community Response Fund

COVID-19 Community Response Fund

$46,307.89 donated of $30,000.00 goal
Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Fund provides the transgender community rapid response funds for emergency food, shelter, utilities, transportation and health care, also free care packages that include life saving PPE, personal hygiene and safe sex supplies and referral to resources for out most vulnerable populations at their point of need during the coronavirus pandemic. Help us to extend the Olive Branch to more people. Donate Below
154.36% Raised
$46,307.89 donated of $30,000.00 goal
435 Donors

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  1. Jessica Levin

    Sending love!!!

  2. Jane Nichols

    Giving because your lives matter. And celebrating my colleague’ Brandi Douglas birthday–I missed her Facebook fundraiser so here I am.

  3. Becca McCracken

    Our contribution is in honor of Regina Victor. We contribute with gratitude and love for the impact Regina has had on us professionally, personally and on our community at large. Excited to celebrate their next chapter!

  4. Sierra Prince

    Black Trans Lives Matter. Yesterday, today, forever.

  5. Dakarai Aarons

    Black Trans Lives Matter!

  6. Kylene Garcia

    Matthew 25:40

  7. Marian Concepcion

    Thank you for doing the work that you are doing!

  8. James J

    Every time J.K. Rowling trends because of her trans-phobia, I’ll make donations to trans causes.

  9. Madeline Lowitz

    With love and caring

  10. Rebecca Ginsburg

    Keep up the great work!


    In honor of Hilburn Caulder

  12. Stephania Biondo

    Stay strong. You matter. ♥️

  13. Stephania Biondo

    Stay strong. ♥️

  14. Ilana Darrant

    Sending love and power. Black trans lives matter.

  15. Jodi Skorupski

    Joining Faye & Jason Casell’s giving circle.

  16. Sarah Kirschner

    Wish I could give more

  17. Ruby and Riv NoLastName

    We are a podcast that did a fundraiser back in June for all of the protests that were going on for equality and BLM. By the time the money came to us, the local protests died down. However, we still wanted to donate to a place that would be of help in these trying times. We are huge advocates for mental health. Yes, we are two white women, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the mental health of our fellow humans. We Need a Therapist is a small podcast. We are just getting started, but diversity is important to us. Supporting others is important to us. Even though we don’t know what it’s like to be black or trans in this environment, we do know that it has to be extra challenging to keep spirits high and prioritize your mental health. We know this isn’t much, but we hope it helps! Sending much love to all of you – those doing this work and those benefiting from it. Take care. We love you. 🖤

  18. Fran Grauel

    In memory of Lea Daye. Rest in Power.

  19. Lisa Gallant

    I have a trans friend who I adore and want to support in any way I can and I know how vulnerable this population is

  20. Katherine Krosschell

    I’m donating my stimulus check. I live abroad and JUST received it this week, but I really don’t need/want it and would much rather it go to BTAC. Sending love!

  21. John Jacobs

    Today is my sister’s birthday and she has asked for donations to be made to affirm that black trans lives matter and NEED to be protected.

  22. John Jacobs

    Today is my sister’s birthday and she has asked for donations to be made to affirm that black trans lives are sacred, they matter and NEED to be protected and loved.

  23. Elena Lee

    Donating every time my friend’s BLM sign gets stolen

  24. Dawn Faucher

    Black Trans Lives Matter! ❤️

  25. Migha McGrath

    I am donating in honor of an amazing person and beautiful spirit Phron. Happy Birthday! Love you oodles and oodles

  26. Stephanie Wills

    This is all my phriend, Phron McElroy wanted for his birthday. Sending Love and Support!! 🖤🖤🖤Black Trans Lives Matter🖤🖤🖤

  27. Madeline Moran

    Black trans lives more than matter and I want every person to feel like they have support and love during this time. Sending love!

  28. Anna Cori

    J.K. Rowling sucks

  29. Thomas Longoria

    💕 sending love and positive energy

  30. Michelle Woode

    We in the Harry Potter fandom love you!

  31. harley nelson

    Thanks to Brizzy Voices

  32. Tori Owens

    From a Potterhead who supports her trans fam. We support and raise you up!

  33. Nicole Henriksen

    Everyone deserves to protect themselves as much as possible from this virus.

  34. Tom Van Der Plas

    Everyone deserves to be who they are. No exeptions. Everyone is valid.

  35. Stephanie Thorne

    Tbh because JK Rowling pissed me off

  36. kylie rubino

    Trans rights are human rights.

  37. Matt Grigoryan

    You’re not alone! Sending big hugs 🤗

  38. Yusuf Siddiquee

    The least I can do – I hope this helps!

  39. Keri Bowling

    You are beautiful, needed, and wanted. Stay Strong -you’ve got this!

  40. Cindy Phelan

    We need to love and support all people in need of it, now more than ever!

  41. Anna Lawrence

    Inspired to donate by my transgender son, Isaiah. His life and the lives of all black trans people matter!

  42. Julia Sherwood

    Sending so much love. ❤️

  43. Emily L'Ruenes

    People are people.

  44. Jorge Vera

    you are the strongest group of people i’ve ever met. All the love.

  45. Caitlin Tubilleja

    we as an lgbt community owe so much to the black trans community, and it’s only right that we give back when possible! Love all of you so much, and I’m not one for prayer, but I’m praying for you during these times!

  46. Daniel Matthews

    Sending love and $$

  47. Kimberly McAdams

    I don’t have much as a college student, but I hope something small can help at least a little!

  48. Iris Shu

    Thank you for your work!

  49. Elexa Bancroft

    The proceeds of my art piece titled “Love is Love” are all going to organizations helping Black Trans Lives.

  50. Rebecca Mersand

    In honor of my best friend’s birthday. Glad to support the cause.

  51. Sarah Bastin

    Heard about this through Elizabeth DeShong’s tweet. Black Trans Lives Matter!

  52. Scott Hermo Jr.

    <3 thank you for all that you do for so many people <3

  53. Emily Slusher

    I’m black and non-binary and I want to help uplift my black trans siblings as much as I can afford to. You all do wonderful work. Thank you.

  54. Natalie De Kozan

    I have started a small business raising money for various BLM related causes. 15% of September’s profits are going to your organization.

  55. Jory Slayton

    You are strong. You matter.

  56. Nino Testa

    Giving in honor of Monica Roberts.

  57. Sharod Harris


  58. Sarah Robinson

    Please protect our kids.

  59. Al Marzano

    We are a small digital art zine that raised money from a recent issue of our zine to support BTAC. We are 90% trans/GNC/nonbinary creators. We hope this helps and we are sending love.

  60. Al Marzano

    Part of our proceeds from a trans art and writing digital zine. We are 90% trans and GNC creators and we hope this donation helps. We are sending love.

  61. Lizbeth Arriaga

    With love, Queer People of Color Club at Lafayette College.

  62. Jordan Parvex

    I have been selling these shirts, Gay Villain, where all proceeds I make as the designer go to BTAC! For the second campaign, we raised almost $3k more. I am so excited to donate and wishing you all the best.

  63. Aimee Friberg

    Your efforts are so appreciated and are an inspiration—thank you for all you are doing! much love

  64. Harper Hall

    In honor of Ingredion Incorporated PRIDE, Women of Ingredion, and Alliance of Black Employees business resource groups.

  65. Asian Americans Advancing Justice-AAJC

    Donation is made on behalf of Ravi Ranawaka

  66. Luke Matone

    I know it’s not much but just wanted to help out, I think what you guys are doing is great 🙂

  67. Monica Dailey

    THANK YOU for doing this work, and for inviting us to support you. <3

  68. Bella Lu

    Wishing every trans person safety amidst post-election difficulties. stay strong and God bless

  69. Mike Pence

    Donating to help a community full of amazing folks through unpresidented- oops, I mean UNPRECEDENTED times.

  70. Bella Hanley

    thank you for your work, love & light to all

  71. Henry Renfrow

    Black Trans Lives Matter.

  72. Ash Lake

    Love & honor.

  73. Gio Velis

    This is a great organization that I’ve just learned about, helping any way that I can. Times like these we all need to be here for each other, people helping people.

  74. Markers jones Trfffc

    Fck trans

  75. Lucia Guerri

    Dear brave and wonderful people,
    I’m a scientist (in genomics of neuroscience) and in about a year I’ll hopefully be able to recruit student to come to my lab to do scientific research together. I have ambitious plans to increase minorities (from several groups) in high level science. My goals still need to materialize and I’ll be in touch! In the meantime, I would love to advice and help anyone in your community that wants to get into science! (I have a scientifically very broad and international background).
    My biggest respects for your efforts and achievements! Together we are stronger! And it has been scientifically shown and published (I can provide references if wanted) that a diverse group of people produce better science! This holds true also for businesses and other fields. Actually for pretty much everything.
    Thank you for the personal sacrifice you are all investing to make the world a better place.
    Love and peace,

  76. Clayton Jordan

    I’m my brother’s and sister’s keeper! When one suffers, we all suffer. When one prospers, we all prospers. Peace and Love. Asé.

  77. Robert Sapp

    Black Trans Lives Matter.

  78. Betty Aronhalt

    Keep being amazing!!

  79. Jessica Wassgren


  80. Will Padilla

    Thank you for your amazing work!

  81. JHVH Music

    Hello, I am donating to your organization’s COVID-19 community fund as we recognize Transgender Awareness Week. I am a queer recording artist and my team and I ran a promotional campaign for my latest single “TRUMPETS” which pledged to donate 25% of all pre-sale actions to BTAC.

    I am pleased to donate the amount of $100 to your organization. Wishing you warmth and positivity during Transgender Awareness Week as well as the coming holiday season. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing.

    Black Trans Lives Matter.

  82. JHVH Music

    Happy Transgender Awareness Week! I ran a promotional campaign for my latest single “TRUMPETS” which pledged to donate 25% of all pre-sale actions to BTAC.

    I am pleased to donate the amount of $100 to your organization. Wishing you warmth and positivity during Transgender Awareness Week. Black Trans Lives Matter.

  83. Sisi Le

    black trans lives matter 4ever❤️

  84. Shara Henderson

    In support of the lives lost and those still with us

  85. Danielle Drake

    In solidarity

  86. Jen Simonds

    I am donating in memory of the Black Trans lives that have been lost to bigotry and hate. I am donating for love and so that Black Trans people can live their lives safely and freely

  87. Megan Tucker

    I am a psychologist in MA/RI – in addition to my work with TGNB adults, I also train clinicians on topics related to trans competence + the intersections of other marginalized identities such as race & fatness. This month, I offered an advanced gender affirming surgery assessment training for clinicians and pledged to donate 15% of the proceeds to BTAC in support of the work you’re doing for Black trans folks – thank you!!

  88. Megan Brown

    You are seen and loved.

  89. Suzanna Theobald

    I truly have a heart for your cause. I will be sending you a $20 bill stamped with “Tump” on it which I received from the ATM that way. It gives me much pleasure to donate it to your cause on behalf of the jerk who defaced the bill with such poison. I am also including a check for $100. As a nurse, I see the disparity and the pain in your population. My heart and prayers are with you all.
    With love,

  90. Meredith Hamlyn

    Supporting fellow community members <3

  91. JoAnn Mrgich

    On behalf of Victoria Gregory

  92. Steve Wiecking

    We all need each other and are responsible for one another in the LGBTQI community.

  93. Cameron Evans

    Black Trans Lives Matter

  94. Rachel Wang

    Happy Giving Tuesday, please stay safe and take care of each other. ♥︎ BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER

  95. Kenadee Clark

    Black trans lives ALWAYS matter! You are all so beautiful and loved. May God bless each one of you.

  96. Erika Schnure

    As a white cis woman, I really want to support my Black trans friends, especially during this tough time of COVID. Bless you all.

  97. Julia Povlow

    To the future of all ❤️

  98. Amanda Nguyen

    I’m donating in honor of my friend, Lia Dangelico. Lia reminds me of the power of people and centering beautiful communities like the black trans community.

  99. Jenna Diaz

    I am a small business owner, creating handmade tarot bags which I sell on Etsy as Moonlit Faye. Over the past few months I have created a series of Pride Bags, of which $5 per bag would be donated to BTAC. Through the help of the Tarot community I am proud that we were able to create and sell 32 bags, donating $160.

  100. Carolyn Shetter

    Thank you for existing to help this beautiful community of people who apart of our human family.

  101. Kristine Le

    Black Trans Lives Matter!

  102. Stefanie Gray

    Please help Black trans folks who are Covid long-haulers! Thank you ❤️

  103. Bonnie Porter

    I am donating because in honor of my daughter, Talia, who has opened our eyes to the plight of the Black Trans community. We wish to support them now that we understand the struggles this community faces.

  104. bevl

    This donation is made in honor of the Eventyr family.

  105. Brian Selznick

    My friend Stephanie Mrowiec performed last night as Skinnamarink for a drag fundraiser for your organization. I missed making a donation during the move steam but wanted to support her and you with this donation.

  106. Jim Chilsen

    Black trans lives matter. Thank you for the work that you do.

  107. Gabriella Giannelli

    Donating on behalf of my friend Avery Cowen.

  108. Rita Peligal

    in honor of my granddaughter

  109. Rita Peligal

    in honor of my granddaughter, Mia O’Halloran

  110. Nicole Correa

    Sending love, support, and hope to the black trans community.

    Chad and Alice

  111. Nicole Correa

    Our contribution is on behalf of Alice and Chad. We’re sending love, support, and hope to the black trans community.

  112. Justice Abernathy

    Love Always!

  113. Abigail Stone

    In lieu of big christmas gifts, my family has decided to donate to charities of our choice with the money we would spend on large presents. This donation is part of my personal contribution for the holidays. Stay safe, stay warm!

  114. Jennifer Wang

    I paying forward some of my earnings in a trans and non-bianry performing arts festival to help those in need. I am privileged to have opportunities to express myself and pursue my passions, and I hope members of the Black trans community will get the same opportunities.

  115. Anne Wilson

    Merry Christmas donation in honor of my niece, Julia Pickel.

  116. Kimberly Gilbert

    I am donating to support, protect and send love the beautiful trans community. Happy holidays!

  117. Laura Rosche

    thank you for the work you are doing; thank you for saving lives.

  118. Dave Kulvete

    We’re all here in support!

  119. Dave Kulvete

    We’re here in support…

  120. Dawn Hicks

    Because Black Trans Lives Matter. This is one way to actively support individuals that deserve more justice, care and love in all of our communities.

  121. Damien Ragubance

    In solidarity.

  122. Katherine Hoekstra

    God bless, thank you so much for doing his work in the community for some of the most vulnerable in our society ♥️

  123. Mitchell Wortman

    A stranger paid it forward to me by buying my lunch today. As a privileged cis male-presenting white person shopping in an expensive health food store, it didn’t sit right to “pay it forward” to more social and financial privileged persons when marginalized people are fighting every minute of every day for basic needs of survival. Black Trans Lives Matter!

  124. William Tan

    I’m making my donation in the name of my dear friends Paul Ngan & Cory Cooper who, in lieu of a Christmas present this season, are asking that a contribution be made to this worthy cause so that those in the Black Trans community who find themselves in need during a most challenging time may receive some measure of comfort and so that they might know there still exists an America that cares for them, values them, and loves them. May the coming year be one of renewed hope, health, and happiness for all.

  125. Paul Ngan

    Donation on behalf of ally Bill Tan

  126. Mady Higinbotham

    Black Trans Health Matters! Hope this helps just a little in make their lives better.

  127. Amanda Godowski

    Sending love for the holidays

  128. Bridgett Comiskey

    Merry Christmas

  129. Mica Duce

    Keep up all the good you all are doing. Every single Black Trans Life matters.

  130. Katherine Koscho

    Stay well, my beautiful siblings.

  131. Joanne Kennedy

    My 2 daughters, my 2 daughters-in-law and I have been taking turns choosing a charity or organization monthly that we all donate to. We started in September and will continue into the New Year. My daughter did some research and thought the mission of your organization is something that we would like to support.

  132. Silvia Mayo

    In the fight for BLM and COVID, we must remember and support our trans members!

  133. Alex Wallace

    Sending love and support to everyone ❤

  134. Hannah Scholl

    Black Trans Lives Matter.

  135. Brandon Mitsunaga

    I appreciate the work and support you do for Black Trans folx. I want to see it continue especially in a time like this.

  136. Brandon Mitsunaga

    Soooo Much love to all the Black Trans folx out there and I want to support in any way I can.

  137. Cora Thaxton

    Black Trans Lives Matter

  138. Rebecca Kahler

    Paying reparations. Black trans lives matter.

  139. Quinn Reid

    Redirecting stimulus payment

  140. Catherine Stephens

    We are here for you. Black Trans People matter. ♥️

  141. Amelia Fay-Berquist

    This contribution is on behalf of the Investment in Black Lives Collective – a crew of 13 people in California and Hawaii. Since July 2020, each month we pool our money and donate to causes led by and for Black folk because #Blacklivesmatter. <3

  142. D L

    I was so touched by the videos posted here of suggestions and inspiration during this Covid time🙏🏽 Thanks for being there to help

  143. PFLAG ABQ

    PFLAG ABQ had a fundraiser selling T-shirts, which we voted to split with your organization

  144. Kristina Flakowitz

    happy mlk day. thanks for your work!

  145. Jacqueline Parker

    Thank you for the work you do to help make The world a more beautiful place for the BLPOC Trans community.

  146. Jeanette Dainty

    Equality and Opportunity for BlackTrans community. Mental Healthcare and Wellness for BlackTrans community. Safety,Love and advocacy for BlackTrans community.

  147. Dani Lo

    Sending lots of love ❤️ BTLM

  148. Elliott Sylvester

    I want to give what I can to help support those hardest hit by the pandemic and those without support due to the unfair policies and the racist, heterosexist, transphobic system we all live in. I know money doesn’t solve all of our problems but I hope this can make a difference! And let’s say it again for everyone to hear, BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!!!

  149. Kelly O'Rourke

    My 15 year old requested making a donation here. She learned of your fund through a Patreon artist, Lauren Lopez.
    <3 Thank you for all you're doing.

  150. Elizabeth Han

    From Artists For Public Relief Dallas

  151. Out for Undergrad Engineering Conference

    We are inspired by all the work you are all doing to support and amplify black trans voices!

  152. Jessika Savage

    This money has been raised by the roller skating community thru purchase of United We Skate apparel <3 We love you, we see you, we support you <3 Keep rolling!

  153. Jon Davidson

    I want to help Black trans folk!

  154. Jon Davidson

    Black trans lives matter. I want to help folks get through this pandemic!

  155. Meghana Nayak

    In solidarity with my trans students


    “How many years does it take for people to see that we’re all brothers and sisters and human beings in the human race? I mean how many years does it take for people to see that we’re all in this rat race together?” – Marsha P. Johnson

  157. Suzy Butin

    Everyone should feel loved, supported and safe. Xoxo


    Black Trans Lives Matter

  159. Linda Harkness

    This donation is a gift for Rachel and Antonio

  160. Kaila Claxton

    I jokingly told my white friends to venmo me reparations for black history month. I ended up getting sent $17.00. I decided to give that money back to the black community:)

  161. Kaila Claxton

    Black trans lives matter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🖤

  162. Eisa Davis

    here for black trans lives!

  163. Kellan Smith

    Black Trans Lives matter – and are so, so important.

  164. Denise Crosson

    Thanks for all you do to uplift others and this community as a whole.

  165. Jordan Parvex

    I’ve been selling Gay Villain! shirts (3 drops over the last 7 motnhs) and each time it finishes its run, I donate all proceeds to this org. So thankful for all the work y’all do.

  166. Corinne Merdegia

    Thank you for your generosity towards providing for one of the most impacted groups during this horrendous pandemic. More power and good luck to you all!

  167. Bhargavi Ramamurthy

    You have always mattered, and you always will.

  168. Jennifer Douglass

    Sending love… Black Trans Lives Matter!

  169. Ariana Franklin

    Gioia S’s Birthday!

  170. Aki McCullough

    For Bandcamp Friday on 3/5/21, my band Dreamwell pledged to donate all revenue from digital and merch sales to Black Trans Advocacy Coalition and we were able to raise $500. As a band with two trans members, we are acutely aware of the struggles faced by trans individuals of color, especially during the pandemic and economic crisis. We hope for a world which black trans individual’s basic needs are guaranteed, but in the mean time want to help others to survive any way we can.

  171. Eliza Luden

    donations come from the students of St. Lawrence University

  172. Charlotte Bellomy

    I want all of our trans friends, family, and irreplaceable community members to know how loved, precious, and important they are. Thank you so much for doing the important work of making sure the Black trans community is cared for.

  173. Trisha Harms

    In honor of trans visibility day

  174. Elizabeth James

    On behalf of my good friend Emily and me

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