COVID-19 Community Response Fund

COVID-19 Community Response Fund

$11,905.85 donated of $30,000.00 goal
Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Fund provides the transgender community rapid response funds for emergency food, shelter, utilities, transportation and health care, also free care packages that include life saving PPE, personal hygiene and safe sex supplies and referral to resources for out most vulnerable populations at their point of need during the coronavirus pandemic. Help us to extend the Olive Branch to more people. Donate Below
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$11,905.85 donated of $30,000.00 goal
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  1. Jessica Levin

    Sending love!!!

  2. Jane Nichols

    Giving because your lives matter. And celebrating my colleague’ Brandi Douglas birthday–I missed her Facebook fundraiser so here I am.

  3. Becca McCracken

    Our contribution is in honor of Regina Victor. We contribute with gratitude and love for the impact Regina has had on us professionally, personally and on our community at large. Excited to celebrate their next chapter!

  4. Sierra Prince

    Black Trans Lives Matter. Yesterday, today, forever.

  5. Dakarai Aarons

    Black Trans Lives Matter!

  6. Kylene Garcia

    Matthew 25:40

  7. Marian Concepcion

    Thank you for doing the work that you are doing!

  8. James J

    Every time J.K. Rowling trends because of her trans-phobia, I’ll make donations to trans causes.

  9. Madeline Lowitz

    With love and caring

  10. Rebecca Ginsburg

    Keep up the great work!


    In honor of Hilburn Caulder

  12. Stephania Biondo

    Stay strong. You matter. ♥️

  13. Stephania Biondo

    Stay strong. ♥️

  14. Ilana Darrant

    Sending love and power. Black trans lives matter.

  15. Jodi Skorupski

    Joining Faye & Jason Casell’s giving circle.

  16. Sarah Kirschner

    Wish I could give more

  17. Ruby and Riv NoLastName

    We are a podcast that did a fundraiser back in June for all of the protests that were going on for equality and BLM. By the time the money came to us, the local protests died down. However, we still wanted to donate to a place that would be of help in these trying times. We are huge advocates for mental health. Yes, we are two white women, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the mental health of our fellow humans. We Need a Therapist is a small podcast. We are just getting started, but diversity is important to us. Supporting others is important to us. Even though we don’t know what it’s like to be black or trans in this environment, we do know that it has to be extra challenging to keep spirits high and prioritize your mental health. We know this isn’t much, but we hope it helps! Sending much love to all of you – those doing this work and those benefiting from it. Take care. We love you. 🖤

  18. Fran Grauel

    In memory of Lea Daye. Rest in Power.

  19. Lisa Gallant

    I have a trans friend who I adore and want to support in any way I can and I know how vulnerable this population is

  20. Katherine Krosschell

    I’m donating my stimulus check. I live abroad and JUST received it this week, but I really don’t need/want it and would much rather it go to BTAC. Sending love!

  21. John Jacobs

    Today is my sister’s birthday and she has asked for donations to be made to affirm that black trans lives matter and NEED to be protected.

  22. John Jacobs

    Today is my sister’s birthday and she has asked for donations to be made to affirm that black trans lives are sacred, they matter and NEED to be protected and loved.

  23. Elena Lee

    Donating every time my friend’s BLM sign gets stolen

  24. Dawn Faucher

    Black Trans Lives Matter! ❤️

  25. Migha McGrath

    I am donating in honor of an amazing person and beautiful spirit Phron. Happy Birthday! Love you oodles and oodles

  26. Stephanie Wills

    This is all my phriend, Phron McElroy wanted for his birthday. Sending Love and Support!! 🖤🖤🖤Black Trans Lives Matter🖤🖤🖤

  27. Madeline Moran

    Black trans lives more than matter and I want every person to feel like they have support and love during this time. Sending love!

  28. Anna Cori

    J.K. Rowling sucks

  29. Thomas Longoria

    💕 sending love and positive energy

  30. Michelle Woode

    We in the Harry Potter fandom love you!

  31. harley nelson

    Thanks to Brizzy Voices

  32. Tori Owens

    From a Potterhead who supports her trans fam. We support and raise you up!

  33. Nicole Henriksen

    Everyone deserves to protect themselves as much as possible from this virus.

  34. Tom Van Der Plas

    Everyone deserves to be who they are. No exeptions. Everyone is valid.

  35. Stephanie Thorne

    Tbh because JK Rowling pissed me off

  36. kylie rubino

    Trans rights are human rights.

  37. Matt Grigoryan

    You’re not alone! Sending big hugs 🤗

  38. Yusuf Siddiquee

    The least I can do – I hope this helps!

  39. Keri Bowling

    You are beautiful, needed, and wanted. Stay Strong -you’ve got this!

  40. Cindy Phelan

    We need to love and support all people in need of it, now more than ever!

  41. Anna Lawrence

    Inspired to donate by my transgender son, Isaiah. His life and the lives of all black trans people matter!

  42. Julia Sherwood

    Sending so much love. ❤️

  43. Emily L'Ruenes

    People are people.

  44. Jorge Vera

    you are the strongest group of people i’ve ever met. All the love.

  45. Caitlin Tubilleja

    we as an lgbt community owe so much to the black trans community, and it’s only right that we give back when possible! Love all of you so much, and I’m not one for prayer, but I’m praying for you during these times!

  46. Daniel Matthews

    Sending love and $$

  47. Kimberly McAdams

    I don’t have much as a college student, but I hope something small can help at least a little!

  48. Iris Shu

    Thank you for your work!

  49. Elexa Bancroft

    The proceeds of my art piece titled “Love is Love” are all going to organizations helping Black Trans Lives.

  50. Rebecca Mersand

    In honor of my best friend’s birthday. Glad to support the cause.

  51. Sarah Bastin

    Heard about this through Elizabeth DeShong’s tweet. Black Trans Lives Matter!

  52. Scott Hermo Jr.

    <3 thank you for all that you do for so many people <3

  53. Emily Slusher

    I’m black and non-binary and I want to help uplift my black trans siblings as much as I can afford to. You all do wonderful work. Thank you.

  54. Natalie De Kozan

    I have started a small business raising money for various BLM related causes. 15% of September’s profits are going to your organization.

  55. Jory Slayton

    You are strong. You matter.

  56. Nino Testa

    Giving in honor of Monica Roberts.

  57. Sharod Harris


  58. Sarah Robinson

    Please protect our kids.

  59. Al Marzano

    We are a small digital art zine that raised money from a recent issue of our zine to support BTAC. We are 90% trans/GNC/nonbinary creators. We hope this helps and we are sending love.

  60. Al Marzano

    Part of our proceeds from a trans art and writing digital zine. We are 90% trans and GNC creators and we hope this donation helps. We are sending love.

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