CraftyMarshmallow Spicy Charity Stream

CraftyMarshmallow Spicy Charity Stream

$1,175.00 donated of $250.00 goal
Hey all, I'm raising money for BTAC by playing video games online!
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$1,175.00 donated of $250.00 goal
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Hey all,

My name is Marshall, I’m freshly 31 and I want to try and help make a difference.  I sent up this fund to donate to the BTAC, because I believe in their mission of support, inclusion, and ending systemic racism.

I’m a small time streamer on Twitch, . I typically play Dead by Daylight and World of Warcraft and I’ve grown a small but consistent audience of lovely individuals, who are excited to donate to a great cause.  To that end, Friday July 3rd starting at 4:30pm CST, I am hosting a stream that will, ideally, run for 24 hours and raise the desired amount.  Obviously, I hope to raise well over the expected amount, but as I said, my community is small; which is why, to entice others to donate I will be indulging in some very spicy chips.  The only thing better then donating to a worthy cause, is making someone liquefy their intestines with incredibly spicy food WHILE donating to a worthwhile cause.

All donations made through my stream will be donated directly to the BTAC exclusively for their use in help with education, housing, food, medical, and employment.  Plus, any and all subs I get from the stream on Friday, July 3rd, half the proceeds will also be added on to the total donation.  The point of Friday and Saturday is to raise as much money and awareness for a cause that I truly believe needs and deserves it.

Much Love,

Marshall Kious (AKA Crafty)


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  1. Leah Hoffman

    Proud of you for fraising money for a wonderful charity!

  2. Crusty Marshmallow


  3. Epik Strong

    Much love!

  4. Aaron Winslow

    One! More! Chip!

  5. Julianne Kious


  6. Sean Crooks

    May this good karma bring more infinite stars procs to the both of us

  7. Quintus Owen

    Drink it. DRINK IT.

  8. Joyce Campbell

    This donation is to buy you a glass of milk or slice of bread-your choice

  9. Quint Owen

    It’s Peppy Time!

  10. Janice Hasegawa

    You’re off the hook. You don’t have to do the $200 level, just the $50: one. But, I do want this to go towards the hair dying event. Something bright. 😀

  11. Megan Arnow

    Best of luck!

  12. Joyce Everyone’s Mom Campbell

    Because I love you!

  13. Janice Hasegawa

    Good luck!

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