FOLX Health – Transgender HRT Fund

$158,821.00 donated of $250,000.00 goal

Support trans, non-binary, and intersex folks accessing hormone replacement therapy

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$158,821.00 donated of $250,000.00 goal
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FOLX and the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC) are proud to partner on the HRT Care Fund. This fund redistributes financial resources from allies in and out of the LGBTQIA+ community to support transgender, nonbinary, and intersex folx to access hormone replacement therapy care through FOLX. HRT Care Fund grants cover 12 months of hormone replacement therapy, including clinical visits and messaging, labs, and prescription medication. 80% of grants are reserved for BIPOC.


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  1. Jessica Bullock

    Ultimately we take care of us. I have the means, so I gave.

  2. Taylor Heil

    Donating as a part of Salesforce’s BOLDForce Cornhole Charity event! <3

  3. Amy Richards

    Thank you for your inspiring discussion with Vizient.

  4. Kim DeVico

    You have my love and support – always.

  5. Luc Bensimon - Donor Support

    Thank you so much for believing in our mission and supporting us with your donation.❤️❤️

  6. Anne Hawthorn

    Me too

  7. Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

    HRT Grantees

  8. Black Transwomen Inc

    Sept Grantees

  9. Black Transmen Inc

    Sept Grantees

  10. Rob Holzer

    This donation has been made on behalf of Nina Kossoff from Folx Health. Thank you -Matter Unlimited

  11. Ella Heiliger


  12. raylyn rosado

    as a Hispanic trans woman I know how hard it can be living as a double minority but, its also what gives me the strength to keep moving on and striving to be as authentically me as possible.

  13. Draygon Cosby

    I’ve always known I’ve been non cos and to finally be close to realizing that dream coming true is amazing! I know HRT for me will improve my mental and physical health.

  14. Anonymous

    i love what Folx does for the trans community

  15. Ashley Esparza

    I love you all, you are all braver then you know.

  16. Marty Checchi

    Because I was privileged to have my gender affirming surgery completely covered by my insurance and want to pay it forward to people who aren’t lucky enough to have their medical needs covered. And I owe the rights I have to the activism of Black and Brown trans* ancestors and want to pay it forward for them in particular.

  17. Vex Somniari

    My personal transgender has oftentimes felt like I was going through hell and back, especially with the financial portion. Nobody deserves that price to pay in order to be who they are.

  18. Logan Nantz

    I am a trans girl trying to start HRT without the support of my family and I may not be able to donate much but I want to help anyone else with financial hardships. Solidarity is the our greatest comfort in times like these.

  19. Erin Satterwhite

    Be proud of who you are and live your authentic self!

  20. Tory Alsip

    HRT saves lives, and it certainly saved mine. Everyone deserves to have access to this.

  21. Adéna Auróra Muráncsik

    Thank you very much for doing this great initiative!

  22. Ricky VanDyke

    Hello! My organization, Everly Health would like to make a $2,500 contribution to your cause! We just need an invoice with this amount sent over to us (at the email above or in order for us to process the payment on our end. Thank you in advance for your time, and keep up the great work! – Ricky

  23. Toni Dippolito

    We are thrilled to make this donation on behalf of Shea Couleé and our generous sponsors from the Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 7 Premiere Party hosted by Shea in Los Angeles!

  24. Alex Habriga

    I’d sign up for a monthly recurring donation if it was available. Thanks for what you’re doing.

  25. Morgan Cheatham

    FOLX is providing life-saving care for a community I love so dearly. I’m very excited to support their partnership with the ever-amazing BTAC!

  26. Alyson Stawicki

    Humbled to be an ally of this BEAUTIFUL community

  27. Stephen Kraus

    Nothing more important than the work that BTAC and Folx Health do! Proud to support these important organizations!

  28. Caroline Hirsch

    trans lives matter

  29. Dana Clayton

    Thank you, BTAC for this beautiful partnership and for all the work you do for our community!

  30. Dana Clayton

    Thank you for this beautiful partnership, BTAC!

  31. Robyn Plunkett

    Trans rights are human rights!

  32. Matthew Tumminello

    The Target 10 team is so proud to contribute to BTAC and to support access to affirming healthcare.

  33. Jibby Bond

    Our trans-owned business supports access to HRT for all those what want it! Thank you BTAC for this amazing partnership! #TransIsBeautiful

  34. Courtney Rawls

    Thank you for your Service to our Community BTAC! <3

  35. Lena Ballantine

    I’m so excited about the partnership – thank you!!

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