Thanksgiving Holiday Support for the Black Transgender Community

Howdy BTAC Family,

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday we want to reach out to you in advance to send peace and blessings your way and to let you know that we support you during this time.  We know that many black transgender people have been estranged from family &/or finances become tight arount the holidays and we want to help make that a bit easier.  First, it is important that you know that you are loved and needed in this world and then we also want to remind you that BTAC provides a food pantry if you should be in need.  Check out the details below.

Black Trans Food Pantry

We provide Free Food across the US, many of our folks who live in food deserts or dealing with poverty with Zero healthy meal options to help overcome hunger, having to choose between paying rent or paying for food.

Our food pantry also provides emergency response meals and helps to make certain that black trans families are able to enjoy a Free Family Meal during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Non-perishable food items and/or Instacart gift card to purchase a meal at a grocery store will be provided with your donation based on client need. Our cost to help meet this basic necessity is $35pp or up to $125 per family visit.

Thanksgiving 2023: Free Family Holiday Meal for the Black Transgender Community

Our Black Trans Food Pantry is working to bring joy to hungry families this holiday season by providing a Free Holiday Meal for Black trans households in need.

Reserve Your Free Meal Today while supplies last.

or Give $35 today to Help Remove Hunger by donating a free meal


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Give to the Transgender Food Pantry Today!
The Black Trans Food Pantry provides free meals to our neighbors across the United States. Food Security is a human right and our goal is zero hunger in our trans community.
$125.00 donated
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