Texas Supreme Court allows investigations against families of transgender children

BTAC stands with the families of transgender children that are now a target of the state.

MAY 10, 2022 DALLAS, TX – The National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, the only social justice organization led by black trans people to advocate for the inequities of this community released the following statement:

The Texas Supreme Court will allow the investigations of families in the state who provide gender-affirming care for their transgender children to continue, considering it child abuse.

The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition considers that the ruling reached by the court is outrageous.

This ruling stems from the opinion of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued in February, stating that certain “sex-change” procedures and the prescription of puberty-blockers to children is “child abuse” under state law.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services was then asked by Governor Greg Abbott to start the investigations against these families, who only want their children to be happy with themselves, in their own skin.

In a previous interview with KERA News, our executive director, Carter Brown, said that these actions by the state could be stigmatizing for some people.

“If everybody is telling you that you’re wrong or you don’t fit, or even more so, that you’ll be punished along with your parents for living the way that you are, what message is that for a child? How could that not be detrimental to anybody’s mental health?”

The directive has caused concern among the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition and other transgender activists not only about the possible violations of the integrity of families, but also about the negative effects it may have on the mental health of transgender children.

We encourage these families to reach out to us for support and for any services you may need. You can find that information by visiting our website at www.blacktrans.org.

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