International Women’s Day

Women all over the world shape our mission day by day.

It is a blessing to live in a world with women that are strong, resilient, selfless and compassionate. It is because of these hardworking women that much of the advancements of modern society happen. Without them, we would not be where we are today.

On International Women’s Day, we commemorate women all over the world.

Today’s message goes beyond equality.⁣ We want our daughters to know that they are invincible, arm them with words and expose them to stories of triumph, hopes, and dreams. 

Today is a day to honor women as vessels of change; people who lead by example, who refuse to live in an old culture. Who agitate, confront and when necessary, disrupt the male dominated culture in which we are entrenched.

But as we commemorate Female Heroes on this day, it’s important to look ahead at what happens tomorrow. 

If they see us, they can’t ignore us. Join us on these empowering moments celebrating and empowering women in full bloom and making this world a better and safer place for all women regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.

BTAC Media
Author: BTAC Media